Many religions and mythologies tell the story of how the world and universe was created.  The Bible says it began with a word, and perhaps God did say a word that initiated the Big Bang and sent the universe into being.  This is how I view the Creation of the universe as science tells us and most progressive Christians like myself view it this way.

Let me tell you that story.  The universe was nothing and then suddenly with a big bang, the universe began forming and continues to form as it ever expands.  Our planet Earth was a lifeless rock until it collided with another planet, which also resulted in the moon, and that was the beginning of life itself on our third planet from the Sun.

Slowly, over time, atoms formed.  Much later, lifeforms began to form and evolve.  Over many, many million years, humans would eventually come into the picture.  This is the part I love of humanity’s story.  We are all made of stardust.  Yes, the collisions in the universe (that still happen today) slowly formed stars, and that dust, it’s debris, created us ultimately.

This version does not contradict the origins of the universe (it just didn’t happen in 6 literal days) in Genesis.  If anything, it supports it, and even the stubborn Vatican came to agree with this assessment.  This is what I do not understand: if the conservative Roman Catholic Church can and does support that Creation was the Big Bang and evolution: why won’t other conservative Christians jump on board.  Why is it that only liturgical and progressive Christians, progressive Jews, and other progressives of faith support this worldview?


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