Revolutionary Love

Jesus came to Earth to preach a revolutionary and universal understanding of love.  He said it is what comes out of the mouth that defiles; not comes from the body as the majority of Jewish sects believed in the 1st century CE.  He preached that we must love everyone, including our enemy, and our neighbor.  I did an exegesis of Galatians and discovered that the verse has a universal meaning: we are to love everyone, no exceptions.

This is what Jesus taught.  I will admit loving everyone, especially the worst of people, is hard, but we must do it as the Lord Jesus commands it.  This type of love is revolutionary even for today’s standards and in today’s divisive times.  We must love the most conservative Republican and the most liberal Democrat as the same.  We must love the bigot and the tree huger.

However, we must not be the bigot ourselves.  Jesus’ love is universal.  You must love everyone, and that includes yourself.  Do not hate anyone.  You must love the undocumented, the migrant, the atheist, the LGBT community, the fellow Christian, those of other faiths, and anyone not mentioned.  Jesus did not insert a period.  In the United Church of Christ, we are known as the “comma people” because our motto is “never place a period where God has put a comma.”  Love is hard, but wonderful too.  It is bigger than one individual and it surpasses the population of this world.


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